I Wish My Mom Did These…

I wish my mother took more photos of herself from when she was younger where I can see how vibrant she was, how she loved life, the friends she had fun with.  I want to see her eyes shining brightly during her wedding day when her family came up together to give her and my father a wedding.  I want to see photos of her carrying us when we were infants, when we were still toothless but still smiling for the camera.  I wish there was Facebook then so that every day I can look at the Memories and see what happened to her that day, what made her happy, what was it that made her write or share her day.

I wish Mama had a recipe book where I would be able to find her secret to the best tasting Mango cake with butter icing that until now I cannot replicate.  I wish I know how she made Brazo de Mercedes or macaroni salad where she would always put raisins that I would throw anyway.

I wish Mama took more videos.  Of herself so that during the times when I miss her terribly, I can listen to her voice and I can see her smile.

I wish she kept an address book of all the people important to her so that even if she is gone, I can still keep in touch with her friends and those that touched her lives.

I wish she kept a list of her favorites.  Her favorite songs, her favorite movies, her favorite kid (haha).  Or anything that can help me paint of picture of what she is like as a person so that I can tell Anishka about her and how wonderful she was.

I wish my Mom did these but since she was not able to, I will start doing this for my daughter.  And maybe as I write about myself, maybe, just maybe, there will be snippets of stories that I will remember about my Mom that I can share with Anishka, too.