You dream of her

with her arms reaching out to you

asking for help.


You dream of her

floating everywhere you go

looking at you with tears

flowing, never ending.


You think she needs

comfort, love

time she was not

properly given.


You think she needs you

to stand and say

hey, look at Maria.


So you let it be known

that something needs to be done

that someone needs

to be shown

his fault,

his negligence,

his failure.


So you let it be known

that it’s you

who stood up,

spoke loud,

made everything right.


You dream of her

with tears in her eyes

Maria, looking at you

through your soul,

piercing your heart.


You dream of her

never realizing

your guilt

pierces your heart,

shatters your silent life,

with sound of breaking glass,

of lives you’ve broken,

of dreams you’ve shattered,

of hopes you quashed.


Maria looks at you

asking for help

reaching out

almost touching you

staring deep in your soul.


And then you realize

Maria wants you

to help yourself.

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