Emoji-themed Birthday Invitation

My baby’s 11th birthday is coming up and we decided to give her a swimming party with an Emoji theme.

As I will not be there, I volunteered to make the invitation.

I love making invitations from scratch.  Not only is it cheaper, it is more personal and they are fun to make, too!

I started by designing the main invite and printing them out.

Snapseed 6

The next step was to prepare the “envelopes” or the cover.  In this case, they are just folded colorful stock cards.


I wanted the envelopes/cover to be less serious so I had to cut waves on the top and bottom.  I used regular scissors but it would have been a lot better if I have pattern scissors.


I then glued the main invitation to the colorful cover.

Snapseed 8

Of course, I blurred all the details in this photo for security purposes.

I then printed out emojis that I cut out.  I think this is the hardest part of all.  Cutting out the emojis took at least 30 minutes of my time.


Lastly, I glued the emojis to the invitation.

Don’t they look cute?

Snapseed 7

I spent around 3 hours doing all the 24 invitations.




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