Instant Pot Indian Black Eyed Peas Curry


When I visited this website, I frankly stared at the website owner’s photo for 5 minutes.  She’s so pretty.  Yes, prettier than her recipes.  Way, way prettier.

But other than her beauty, that I can’t seem to get enough of, I also love how healthy the food she cooks is.

I have this goal of finishing all beans and lentils we have at home before they expire so my recipe review will be full of this kind of meal.

My Heart Beets is probably one of the best recipe website I have ever been to.  The layout is clean, the photos are impeccable, and the author just writes interesting tidbits along with the recipe.  I know I would keep going back to this website for more recipes to try.

I didn’t change anything in the recipe except that the fat I used is ghee.  I love ghee.  I can put it on every thing I cook but I have to stop myself because it does not work on every recipe.

And can I just say that if you still don’t have an Instant Pot, buy one now.  Or make that your birthday gift to yourself.  Or tell your husband that food will taste better with Instant Pot.  Whatever reason you have to make, make it and get one.  It really saved me a lot of time.  I will write a different entry about how it became one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

Highly Recommended

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