Orange Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies


My first cookie experiment, yay!

I waited for my Silpat mat to start baking cookies but I think I did not do it right.

This is the recipe that I used.

The way I decide what I cook is this:  what ingredients I have in the house and what fruits should be saved before they go to waste.

I have oranges and the rest of the ingredients in this recipe.  Yes, I even have the Lindt chocolate that I mysteriously was not able to devour.  Maybe because all the Haagen Dazs ice cream sticks in the fridge is always my priority (and we never run out of it!).

This cookie recipe comes from Life Made Simple Bakes website.

Here are some changes I made:

  1.  I used only half of the recipe since I did not want to waste ingredients in case they do not turn out right.
  2. I don’t have kosher salt so I used regular salt.

Here’s the result.






Highly Recommended (1)

I followed the recipe religiously (other than halving it) but I still ended up with a bitter aftertaste after I ate the cookie.  Must it be because of the zest?  I am not familiar with “zests” because we never use that in the Philippines so I must have grated the orange in the wrong way.  If you have any idea how I can take off the bitter taste, let me know.  Or maybe, it really should taste that way?  Want to try?

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