The Very Nutty Apple Cake



The Very Nutty Apple Cake

I hate throwing food away.  The only time I throw food is when they are expired.  Expired food is a no-no in my kitchen.  No excuses.

As I have said, I hate throwing food away so when I saw apples in the fridge that I totally forgot were there, I decided to bake an apple cake.

Nagi, of RecipeTinEats, is my most favorite food blogger.  Every time I follow her recipe, it is always a success.  So I headed to her site first to look for a recipe of Apple Cake.  Luckily, she had one.  The title just blew me away:  “Easiest Ever MOIST Apple Cake“.  Easy and Moist in the same phrase?  I am in!

These are the changes I made:

  1.  Cloves – but I never really liked the taste of cloves so I skipped it
  2.  Almonds – I did not have ready flaked almonds so I used chopped almonds instead (and chopping almonds was actually the hardest part of this recipe for me)
  3. I put more almonds than what Nagi did so my food taster said it was a little bit nutty hence I changed the name of this recipe
  4. I do not have a cake pan so I used the leche flan tin pan that I got from the Philippines.  I wonder if it would made a difference if I had a “real” cake pan.
  5. I don’t have a cooling rack so I cooled it on a plate.
  6. The size of my tin pan is not the same size used in this recipe.

The result?  My food taster loved it.  And I loved it too and I don’t even like apples.

Again, thank you Nagi for always making my baking experience a blast.


Top cake is Nagi’s,  bottom cake is mine

The reality is kind of different from the expected but I am not kidding you when I say that it is really, really good.

Highly Recommended

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