Pakialam Ko

Pakialam ko
Why would I care
If it doesn’t happen to me
Life goes on.

People getting shot
Sent to jail
Wrongly Accused.
Pakialam ko
They’re not my relatives
They’re drug addicts
They deserve it.

Joking about rape
And getting sensitive about it
Come on
Get a life
It’s a joke
Pakialam ko
I haven’t been raped
I don’t know how 
Victims Feel.

Warantless Arrests
Military in the streets
Pakialam ko
Our city is safe
No bombing
No martial law
Every thing is normal.

Pakialam ko
Why would I care
If it doesn’t happen to me
Life goes on.

Until it happens to me
Until I call for help
And people reply with
Pakialam ko
Until I scream begging for mercy
And all they say is
It is not happening to us
Our life moves on.

Pakialam ko
I should have cared
I should have realized
That even if it doesn’t happen to me
It can happen to me.

*"Pakialam ko" is a Filipino phrase roughly translated to "Why would I care?" 
or "I do not care."

Dear Anti-Facebook Facebook Friends

Dear Anti-Facebook Facebook Friends,

I heard a lot of people say that they don’t like people who “overshare” in Facebook.

I have read a lot of articles that discuss this behavior too and the bottom line almost always is this: people who posts frequently in Facebook are losers.  

But, whoever asked you to follow these people anyway?

Who is crazier?  The ones who overshare in social media or the ones who actually follow these people and complain about it?

Food for thought, huh?

I really don’t mind seeing posts of my friends sharing their every day lives, the milestones they’ve reached, or even just mundane things like what they are currently wearing, watching, or eating.  I don’t mind because I think if it helps them feel better, why would I say anything against it?

I always have the choice to unfollow them if I feel like it annoys me but why would anyone’s “happiness” annoy anyone anyway?

Social media might not be for everyone.  But in this world, is this still something anyone can run away from?

There are different types of Facebook users.  There are those who do not want to post at all.  There are those who posts sporadically.  There are those who posts every day.  There are those who secretly spy on others’ posts.

You can be any of these type.  But you can’t be judgmental.

Let these “Facebook flooders” enjoy social media.  As long as they don’t hurt you, who cares if your timeline is flooded.  

When I watched Avenue Q, I was introduced to this German word “schadenfreude”.  It means “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.”  

Why can’t we create an antonym for that word?  To have pleasure derived from someone’s happiness?

We are in a world with so many tragic news and happenings, let’s not add to it by judging people who want to post what makes them happy.

So post away my dear Facebook friends.  I want to see your happy faces because in a way, it makes me happy, too.  It gives me pleasure to see good things happening in your lives because we all deserve that.  I love reading your anecdotes about your kids.  I like it that I am aware if you need help because I might be able to help.

And for you who think otherwise, if you think that your Facebook friend is doing something wrong like putting his/her security at risk, be a real friend and tell that person what can be done to avoid these things.

And don’t worry, even if you don’t like my post, I still like you. 🙂 like-button-png-2

Instant Pot Indian Black Eyed Peas Curry


When I visited this website, I frankly stared at the website owner’s photo for 5 minutes.  She’s so pretty.  Yes, prettier than her recipes.  Way, way prettier.

But other than her beauty, that I can’t seem to get enough of, I also love how healthy the food she cooks is.

I have this goal of finishing all beans and lentils we have at home before they expire so my recipe review will be full of this kind of meal.

My Heart Beets is probably one of the best recipe website I have ever been to.  The layout is clean, the photos are impeccable, and the author just writes interesting tidbits along with the recipe.  I know I would keep going back to this website for more recipes to try.

I didn’t change anything in the recipe except that the fat I used is ghee.  I love ghee.  I can put it on every thing I cook but I have to stop myself because it does not work on every recipe.

And can I just say that if you still don’t have an Instant Pot, buy one now.  Or make that your birthday gift to yourself.  Or tell your husband that food will taste better with Instant Pot.  Whatever reason you have to make, make it and get one.  It really saved me a lot of time.  I will write a different entry about how it became one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

Highly Recommended

Orange Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies


My first cookie experiment, yay!

I waited for my Silpat mat to start baking cookies but I think I did not do it right.

This is the recipe that I used.

The way I decide what I cook is this:  what ingredients I have in the house and what fruits should be saved before they go to waste.

I have oranges and the rest of the ingredients in this recipe.  Yes, I even have the Lindt chocolate that I mysteriously was not able to devour.  Maybe because all the Haagen Dazs ice cream sticks in the fridge is always my priority (and we never run out of it!).

This cookie recipe comes from Life Made Simple Bakes website.

Here are some changes I made:

  1.  I used only half of the recipe since I did not want to waste ingredients in case they do not turn out right.
  2. I don’t have kosher salt so I used regular salt.

Here’s the result.






Highly Recommended (1)

I followed the recipe religiously (other than halving it) but I still ended up with a bitter aftertaste after I ate the cookie.  Must it be because of the zest?  I am not familiar with “zests” because we never use that in the Philippines so I must have grated the orange in the wrong way.  If you have any idea how I can take off the bitter taste, let me know.  Or maybe, it really should taste that way?  Want to try?

Spicy Ginger Chicken

I was looking for some easy stir fry chicken dishes.  I wanted a recipe like Filipino adobo that is ready by 20 minutes tops.  When I saw this recipe from Simply Scratch, I thought, this is a kind of tedious but let me try.

Here are some changes I had to make:

  1.  I don’t know what a low sodium tamari is so I used low sodium Kikkoman soy sauce.
  2. I don’t have a hand held grater so the ginger was finely chopped instead of grated.
  3. I ran out of chili paste so I used Sriracha sauce but I used twice as much.
  4. I did not have kosher salt so I used regular table salt.
  5. The oil that I used for frying is canola oil.
  6. I used red onion instead of yellow onion.  I cook Indian food half of the time and Indian food uses red onion a lot so I never buy yellow onion.
  7. I didn’t have broccoli so I skipped that.  I think it would have looked more authentic with the broccoli.

It took me one hour and a pile of dishes to finish cooking.  I like that I finally learned how Chinese does stir fry chicken but the recipe can use more salt and chili.

I will try this again next time using chili paste.  I think it would make a whole lot of difference.





Highly Recommended (1)

I would have wanted it to have more salt and more chili hot flavor as what I made was a little too bland for my taste.

Don’t blame the recipe maker, I made a lot of changes to this recipe.